photo by Paula Neves

photo by Paula Neves



Reverberating through the dormant hills of Topanga Canyon, California the Sun Colony sound ascends into a wash of illuminous noise.  Nostalgic dreamscapes melt and create a finely unrefined blend of Los Angeles sparkle and London gloom.  

Inspired by the shadows of Echo & The Bunnymen, Wire, and Primal Scream, guitars swirl and bend with captive leads and blanketing rhythms.  Angular drums pulse beside driving bass, clearing a sonic pathway for the ethereal vocals, grasping clarity within their own beautiful chaos.  It is not a welcoming that draws you in -- it is a demanding pull.

Recommended for escapists, surrealists, and the sonically possessed.

Sun Colony is:

Vocals / Tommy Graf
Guitar + Synth / Derek Mabra
Guitar / Lauren Andino
Bass / Brandon Sciarra
Drums / Ola Palsson