Sun Colony - EP

by Sun Colony

Recorded at Honeyland Studio in Topanga Canyon, CA.  

Mixed by James Aparicio.

Mastered by Kyle Mullarky.




Reverberating through the dormant hills of Topanga Canyon, California the Sun Colony sound ascends into a wash of illuminous noise.  Nostalgic dreamscapes melt and create a finely unrefined blend of Los Angeles sparkle and London gloom.  

Inspired by the shadows of Echo & The Bunnymen, Wire, and Primal Scream, guitars swirl and bend with captive leads and blanketing rhythms.  Angular drums pulse beside driving bass, clearing a sonic pathway for the ethereal vocals, grasping clarity within their own beautiful chaos.  It is not a welcoming that draws you in -- it is a demanding pull.

Recommended for escapists, surrealists, and the sonically possessed.

Sun Colony is:

Vocals / Tommy Graf
Guitar + Synth / Derek Mabra
Guitar / Lauren Andino
Drums / Michael Quinn





March 31

Los Angeles, CA

KXLU - The Witching Hours

On-air interview and debut of the upcoming Sun Colony EP with Marina of The Witching Hours.

3PM to 6PM

May 15

Los Angeles, CA

HARVARD & STONE - 5221 Hollywood Blvd.

Sun Colony 11pm

L.A. Drones! 10pm

Storms 9pm